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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hey guys,

Not feeling in the mood to write today. I'm usually happy, upbeat, and wanting to play all the time, but today, I just want to do nothing. Dad and I went to the vet yesterday, not so good news. They kept saying I was handsome but were saying how I looked thin. I thought I looked good 'cause I work out everyday but the doc said I should be heavier.

I weighed in at 23.7 kg but should be closer to 28kg. That's like 10 lbs difference. Dad was concerned. His face said it all. He knew I looked thin too but thought I just hadn't filled out yet. Doc said some words that were too big for me to comprehend. She said she wanted me to change my diet and to get de-wormed. Dad gave her my stool sample to see if I have parasites. The doc said it could be parasites taking away my nutrients, making me thin. I'm still handsome right? I was still happy before right?

I got my rabies vaccine too yesterday. Next week I have to get another shot. Dad bought me my new food. He says it's suppose to help me with my teeth. My teeth have plaque says the doc. I hate brushing my teeth. Dad tries once a week but I move my head so he can't get that finger brush in. Serves me right.

So that's why I'm depressed. I might not seem that way, but inside I am. I hope it's nothing too serious. I just thought I hadn't hit puberty yet. In a month I hope I gain some weight. The doc wants to see me again. Cross your fingers.


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