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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So Far, So Good...

To my fans,

That's me up there! I am so damn cute. I have been my happy usual self but it seems like people around me are sad. Dad always has a concerned look on his face. He always touches my ribs and checks my spine and chest.

"Dad I'm fine. Like I said I feel good and I'm not anorexic."
"But you're not gaining weight."
"Yeah, but I'm not losing weight either."

Well that isn't totally true. We went to the Vet to see Dr. Kohr again. I lost 0.3 kg. I think that may have broke Dad's heart since I'm suppose to be gaining weight with this new diet. This time the Doc gave me my final 2 vaccinations and said I need a blood test. Dad agreed and so off I went into the lab not knowing what they were going to do. Lorraine, the vet tech, said I was brave. They drew out the blood from my front leg and sent it to get analyzed.

"The good thing is Brix's poo is firm. And he actually looks a little better since the last time I saw him," Dr. Kohr exclaimed.
"See I thought he looked better too but his weight today threw me off," Dad replied.
"Well so far, the signs are good."

Today Dad got a call from Dr. Kohr.

"Good news. Brix's blood chemistry is at normal levels."

Dad was relieved. Doc said I could eat a little more too but we're not out of the woods yet. I really hope I can gain weight. Hopefully it's just a matter of eating more. So many of my buddies are overweight. Like Joey the black lab for example. He's like probably hitting 90 lbs. He's just one big sausage. My other boxer buddy, Roxie. She's gotta be like 100 lbs.

Maybe I just got a high metabolic rate just like Dad. Maybe I'm just so athletic that I have less body fat than anyone else. Mom would kill to have my problem. In any case, I'm happy, I'm eating and most important, my poo is still hard.


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