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Friday, August 8, 2008

Finding the right dog

Happiness is dog but it starts with finding the right dog. Just like any relationship, a good one is all about finding the right partner. Whether it be your 4 legged friend or 2 legged friend, finding the right one is key to a happy relationship. Finding the right dog can be a stressful task. Many of us choose our dog based on a perception. It could be from a dog we had seen from tv shows, or a friend's dog or we just choose them because they are so damn cute. Sometimes it works out but finding the right dog also means researching their personalities.

For me, I knew I wanted a dog but what kind? There are so many breeds out there? Working at a doggie daycare sure helped me out but people are busy and don't have the time to invest in finding out the right dog. There is a really good book out there by dog expert Stanley Coren called "Why we love the Dogs we do." In the book there is a "personality" test and it will match your human personality with a dog breed based on it's personality and traits. The goal is for you to choose a breed that you will have a strong bond with. You will have a stronger bond to certain breeds versus others.

I also found this website which explains Coren's test. This is an excellent test to help find yourself the right dog. It will at least point you to breeds that you will have a strong bond to. In the end many people just choose their dog because of looks or on impulse. All I am saying is keep an open mind and check it out. Enjoy.

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