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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting my PHD this time!

That's me and my buddy Sydney who just turned 10 recently.  She's a dog lover and came to Woofstock with me.  Nothing much happened at Woofstock, I didn't meet the girl of my dreams.  Instead a Siberian Husky snapped at me, and some other dogs annoyed me. 

Barkham on the other paw was better.  I saw all my friends at Global Pets.  I even saw Sadie who I attacked earlier this year when I busted the door down and ran into the training room.  Sadie's mom, Margot, had to tackle me down.  Anyway I tried saying "sorry" again by extending a paw out but Sadie just hid behind her Mom.  I was on my best behaviour. I even met a big girl Rottie without any problems.

Despite my good behaviour, Dad enrolled me into school again this year.

"Brix, you need to get learned this summer."
"...you need to get what?  ...get learned...?  What...what kind of English is that Dad?",  I asked.
"You know what I mean.  Anyway, Mom is taking you to school this time."
"I'm too smart for these classes Dad...what class did you enrol me in this time...agility?"
"Nope, you and Mom will be doing....Advanced Manners! Yay!"
"I did that one already.  Top of my class remember?"
"You didn't do it to the Leung Standard.  You start July"
"Ah c'mon...."

Damn, you guys know I'm too good for this class.  I think the class is more for Mom and how to handle my boxer antics.  The only standard I go by is the Standard of Boxer Foolishness.  That's like the bible of Boxer Behaviour.  When I pass this course with ease, I want all of you to acknowledge me as Dr. B-Stud.  Besides, do you know of any other boxer that can write and communicate as well as I do?  Thought so!

Dr. B-Stud.



  1. According to your signature, you have already passed the course! (with ease, of course:) )

  2. hahaha....I'll just have to school the younger puppies in the class. B-Stud.

  3. Oh Brixy!

    I just now saw your comment on my bloggie...if the offer still stands of course I will be your gurlfriend. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae