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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dog vs. New Jacket

Mom bought me a new jacket for my birthday!  She also got a new jacket for herself too, check us out!  We are styling! As for Dad, well he gets nothing as usual but the bill.  I love my new jacket.  It has a detachable hood, it's warm and the best part,  it has a pocket on the back.  Probably to keep poo bags I guess?

"Brix. You wanna try your new jacket out?"  Dad started to put it on me.
"There, now you look like a Stud.".  With Dad nodding his head we went on our night walk.

I was so happy and walking without a care, until I smelt him.  I tensed up. "No, it can't be Rotti on 52.  Something smaller."  I thought to myself.  I froze in my tracks.  Dad didn't have a clue.  He was trying to listen with those defective ears of his. 

Then I saw him.  Jack Russell. 

"What you doing in my hood huh?  I run these streets if you haven't already heard.."  I growled at the puny creature.  He looked me right in the eyes.
"Nice girlie jacket.  I bet Mommy still chooses your clothes for you?  Real studs don't need jackets.  Oh but of course, my bad, you're not a real stud. I am. Hahaha!"

BALLISTIC...that's what happened next.  No one comes in my hood talking smack like that.  I leaped up and down, growling and trying to break free of Dad's hold. Eventually Jack Russell walked away like cowards would.  Dad ended our walk short and unbuttoned my new jacket.

"Brix! What da hell?  The top jacket button fell.  Where is it?"
"Must be made in China." I pushed Dad's patience.
"BRIX!  Do you want me to kick you out?  'Cause I can and I will."  Then I heard Mom.
"He wrecked his jacket!  Brix why do you waste my time and money!"  I put on a pretty face for Mom and began to defend myself.
"It wasn't me Mom.  I swear, Jack Russell attacked me and I had to defend myself and Dad.  You're lucky Dad is a live."  So I told a small lie.  Big deal because it worked.  Mom focused her attention to Dad.

"I told you NOT to put the new jacket on him.  Why don't you ever listen to me!  What are you going to do now, I can't return it!  You get him a new jacket!" 

So all in all, in less than an hour, my new jacket has a busted button but it's okay, life will go on.  Humans really gotta learn to chill like us dogs.


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  1. Great point! I often wish I could take things as easy as dogs can...