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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life and Death

I'm still a young pup but Dad says one day, we all will die sooner or later. Hopefully later he says. In a way, each day we are getting closer to death. Dad tells me it's (life and death) just the cycle of life.

"Why are you depressing me Dad?"
"Cause one day Mom and Dad won't be around, you won't be around, Grandpa won't be around. "
"So remember the good times, and don't sweat the small stuff."
"Okay whatever."

I think he's telling me all this because of Grandpa. Mom told me it doesn't look good and if it is good, it'll be bad first before good comes. Things are getting confusing. I learned a new word today, cancer. Dad tried to explain it but I'm no scientist. I'm a socialite. Dad says even I could get cancer. What? C'mon, that's impossible. I'm a dog but he says I can. Sometimes I think Dad is pulling my paws.

I saw Grandpa yesterday. He was happy to see me. I always sit beside him at the dinner table, that's where I get the good stuff. I accidently wrecked the drapes beside the door this week. Sorry Grandpa. I was so excited to see this hot bitch outside. I had to flex some muscle and make some noise. Ya I made noise all right.

"Hey girl, wanna have a good time?" (shred shred shred)
"BRIX!!!!! HEY!!!!!!!! OFFFF!!!!!!"
"Holy dog crap. I'm in trouble!"
"You, in the corner and stay there. WRONG!"
"Sorry Dad. I'll never do it again" (whine whimper)

I got it good from Mom and Dad. I was grounded in the corner for an hour Now there's a big hole in the drapes. At least I can outside better now.

Well onto better news, I got a new girlfriend. Her name is Hannah the black lab. I think I got to first base with her yesterday. I tried for second but when I got on top of her, she pushed me off. Don't worry, I'm the B-Stud. I'm going to hit a homerun, don't you worry. Post some pics next time I see her. Once you go black, you don't ever come back. Arrfff arrf arrff!


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