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Saturday, December 6, 2008

2010 Nikon Photo Contest

Happy Holidays! The weather is getting colder and Dad doesn't take me out much now. I hope I don't get fat over the holidays and winter. We still do indoor activities though. Today he made me jump over some boxes in the house and I passed with flying colours. It was fun. We should have taken pics Dad. Oh well.

Grandpa is getting better now, but Dad says he will be suffering for the next half year. I don't understand Dad. Why would Grandpa be suffering? He 's a good guy right? Dad and Mom say I'm too young right now to understand but to be strong for him. Again I don't know what that means but I'll try.

Today Dad was looking on the website Dogs in Canada.

"Brix, there's a 2010 Nikon photo contest. Wanna be in it?"

I just turned my head and ignored Dad. What a minute, if I win, I would be the most popular dog in the city! The bitches would love me and my cellie would be ringing off the hook, unlike right now.

"What do we win Dad?"
"We win an SLR camera from Nikon."
"You mean, YOU, would win a nikon camera."
"What do I win?"
"You'd win the hearts of millions and your photo would be published in the magazine Dogs in Canada."

Hell no, I'm not going to look all pretty and strutt my pretty arce for Dad to win a camera. Why don't I get to win anything? I'm going to purposely make your photos look bad Dad. Yes, that's what I'll do.

This is my first Christmas with my new pack. I wonder what they will get me? I hear Mom might get me a COACH collar or leash. Mom, I'm a stud. Studs don't wear COACH! I'm not going to be one of those dogs who become gender challenged. If I get COACH this year I'm going to tear it up so I won't have to wear it ever!

Not much else is going on, hope to see some of my fans soon and maybe you will see me in Dogs in Canada. Probably not 'cause I don't want Dad to win a camera.


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