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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I know, I'm 15 months old, and I still have accidents. I'm so ashamed, I'm crying right now as I write this. Hannah's going to dump me now. What kind of a stud am I when I can't hold my own bladder? I can't explain it, I didn't have too much water today, not too much food either, Dad always takes me out in the morning, in the afternoon and in the night....but somehow I still managed to pee under the dinner table before my evening pit stop.

Dad was upstairs working on his computer. I was with Grandpa and Grandma just watching TV in the kitchen. It just happened so fast, I felt the urge to release....c'mon Brix, hold it in, this is where we eat, just hold it in. Too late, I felt a warm stream of liquid travel it's pleasure path and pool around my paws. Ahhh, feels good....oh no, we're not outside!

"BRIX! BAD! Jason! He PEED!"
"WTF! I took him to pee in the afternoon and it's not even late in the evening."

I could see the stress in Grandpa's eyes and voice. I'm suppose to ease him of his pain and sickness but I failed. I just added more stress to him.

Dad was really really mad, not like I have seen him before. He gave me an earful even though I can hear 10x better than he can. He was always proud to tell his friends I never had an accident in the house. But Dad, you have to understand it from my point of view. We keep moving back and forth, my schedule changes all the time, and I was out eating snow when we played together remember? So really it's your fault for not realising I had to go. Don't put the blame on me you two legged freak with four eyes.

Anyway, I got grounded and whined and cried 'cause I still wanted to please Dad. Mom was away at work but she's going to be disappointed to when she hears the news. Just don't tell Hannah I peed in the house, she'd dump me for that bastard golden doodle Mody. She's mine Mody, I won the fight, Hannah chose me, give it up.

I'm pretty sure I don't have an infection and I'll bounce back from this, I promise.


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