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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Min-pin gets sexually harassed

I could not take it anymore yesterday. I had to post how I was sexually harassed. My brother Brix didn't even help or protect me. And they say Boxers are protective...whatever! I wonder if the daycare has a sexual harassment policy.

Brix and I went to the doggie daycare. Dad felt it was too cold to walk us. I don't care for the daycare that much. Most of the dogs are a bunch of ol' smelly, macho, loud mouths anyway. None of which are good enough to talk to me. I usually hang around in the corner under the table, minding my own business.

Dad let us onto the daycare floor. Brix said hi to all his friends. He thinks he's so cool but he's not. He plays like an idiot. I walked in and was swamped by several dogs. After a second they all left me alone like they usually do 'cause they know I'm not in the mood to play with them. Only one hung around. Mack, the yellow lab. He was 4 times as big as me, and was obsessed with me. He stalked me all around the daycare.

"Leave me alone or I'm going to bite!"

"Hey girl, I ain't trouble. It's just a sniff I promise. You looking good though. Mmm mmm."

"Pervert! Stay away!"

I hide under the small table. He couldn't come close since the table was only 2 feet tall but he managed to stick his head and body in. God, he kept sniffing and sniffing my ass. He put his dirty paws on my back too. I didn't cry. I gave him a growl and showed my pearly whites. He kept coming. He dug his nose right in my butt and was forceful. The daycare worker put Mack in time out.

"Brix! Brix! Come and get this disgusting yellow lab off me. Brix!?!?"

He was busy playing. Idiot. Mack then came back onto the floor. "Sexual harrassment!" I screamed as Mack laid his nose in my rear again. He shoved it right in there. Then Dad came to help as he kept Mack away and put me in a separate room. Through the window I could see Mack was still trying to look for me as he circled around the room.
"Where'd you go Shy. You know I love you! Come back please. I need you."
Thank goodness his parents came to pick him up and I breathed a sigh of relief. No more harassing. Dad put me back into the daycare floor and I gave Brix a slap on the head.
"You fool, you didn't even protect me from Mack."
"Hey, he likes you, and you need friends sis."
"He was harassing me and sticking his nose up my ass!"
"Ass is good. He wants to find out more about you. Get use to it."
"He was stalking me and I kept giving him the warning signals but he kept forcing his nose up there."
"Sis, relax. that's what use socialites do. We sniff to find out where you stand in the pack."
"You're no help, I don't even know why Dad wanted you. He's not you're real father, you're adopted!"
We finally got home and I slept on Brix's bed the whole night while Brix had to sleep in my small one. Serves him right for not protecting his sister!

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