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Sunday, November 16, 2008

How the recall saved my dog

Another weekend gone and Christmas is soon approaching. It will be my first xmas with my new pack. It will also be my first "real" winter. I can't remember what winter was like last year. I was just a young pup.

This weekend was uneventful. It rained all Saturday and Dad still made be pee and poo outside. Shy gets to poo inside why can't I? I swear she gets treated like a Princess sometimes. She gets her ass wiped every time she does her business. Me....I have to lick my own privates for them to be clean. I didn't even get to walk but I got to see auntie Edilyn and uncle Ron. They got me a new portable water bowl! I can use it on our walks in the summer. Thanks guys.

Today what I really wanted to talk about was how bad I was on Friday night. I know Dad always tells his friend how the recall could save your dog and he always tells the story of how Shy ran off. The first thing I ever learned from Dad was the recall and on Friday I understood how important it was.

At about 10 o'clock in the night Dad always takes me out to make brownies. In other words, go take a crap. We always go to the same spot, in between the houses where I am out of sight. Dad was cleaning up after my business when I smelt a person near by. I started walking back towards the driveway. I wonder if it's my friend. Or is it someone trying to attack me and Dad. I better find out. So I got to the driveway when Dad tried getting my attention.

"Brix that's far enough."

I think that's what he said but out of the corner of my eye there was a person. Oh, who's that, she could be a two legged hottie! Oh I'm going to so sniff her up. She was about 5 houses down from where I was. I started to walk towards this strange person. I got to the road and started trotting down the middle, my leash dragging behind. With each stride, I got closer and closer to her. I trotted like a stallion making sure each stride was perfect, showing off my muscular body. I got to about 15 feet from her when...

*clap, clap*
"Brix! Come!"

Holy crap! I forgot about Dad. Shoot he must have caught me trying to sniff hot girls again. Almost like when two legged parents catch their two legged kid with porno mags under their bed. I saw it in a movie one time. Anyway I darted back towards Dad and I ran fast so I wouldn't get into as much trouble from Dad. Surprisingly Dad did not get mad when I got to him. That's what I like about Dad, he never gets mad at me for coming to him. He just took my leash and we walked back into the house.

Later on Dad told me how dangerous it was to leave him.

"You could have been hit by a car. Your sister almost died because she walked through an intersection. "
"I know Dad."
"You're lucky we trained your recall well. The recall can save your life."
"The recall can save your life. I know Dad, you tell all your friends, dog owners, and dog clients about the importance of the recall."
"Remember the time, when I opened the door to the car and you leaped out. You chased a black cat across the street onto the neighbours lawn. That is the reason why I wanted you to learn the importance of the recall."
"Okay Dad, are we done here. I need to get back to my dawgs."

Sheesh, he's such a lecturer. Hey everyone in their teens did something stupid. Me included. It's a part of growing up. When I look back at the incident, yeah I was dumb but what's worse is, I didn't get the number to the hot girl! Damn. I've been on a single streak forever now. I'm going to be a bachelor for the rest of my doggie days! Grooowwwwl.


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