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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Ring Bearer Dog

18 days left. I counted this morning. The stress mounts as D-day arrives or should I say M-day, marriage. The day itself won't be that stressful, it's the days leading up to M-day where panic can start. What's more stressful is if our dog was part of our wedding. I thought, maybe we can make our dog the ring beaer. "My ring bearer dog, prancing up the aisle with the rings on her collar, " I thought what a great idea! Then I pictured the ring bearer dog sniffing the ground, then heading towards the flowers, maybe seeing a squirrel and next thing you know, bye bye ring bearer dog.

As much as the dog is part of the family, it's probably not a good idea to include them in a wedding. They won't feel hurt if they're not invited. They'll still love you. Our venue encourages pets to be included and the manager even said to us, "It's getting real popular to have pets at weddings." That got me thinking. The dog can be our ring bearer. What if the dog doesn't recall in such a stressful environment espcially when we're outside. There goes our rings and our dog. What a mess that would be. Who's going to look after the dog? Certainly not me or Neilynne on our big day. Our parents can look after the dog. Yeah right! They don't want the burden of looking after fluffy. They want to enjoy. How bout a friend? They'd have to know how to handle a dog and would be willing to commit. Okay fine, we'll crate her when dinner starts. Can we say guilt trip?

Many people do involve their pets on such an important family event. For us it's just an added stress we'd rather stay away from. You guys know me, I would kill to have dogs in our ceremony but common sense says having a ring bearer dog isn't the way to go. So the only dogs people will be seeing on our day is in our slideshow where I can show as many dogs as I want! Don't be surprised if each slide of the show is a picture of a dog and me in it.

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