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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dog reality show?

I haven't been updating as often 'cause my darn computer crapped out on me.  It could have crapped out maybe after the wedding but Murphy's law says  "Jay isn't feeling enough stress.  Let's take out his computer along with his wedding files."  

Anyway this week I caught a glimpse of what looked to be a dog reality show.  It wasn't "groomer has it."  I need your help to find out what this dog reality show is.  One of the challenges I saw involve the host of the show asking the dog owners to put their dog in a sit.  The owners put their dogs in a sit within a certain amount of time.   Owners who do not complete this within the allotted time are out.  The host also asked the owners to put their dogs in a down stay, walk around them, asked for a recall and so forth.  Basic stuff I thought in my head.  I guess the entertainment value of this show is to see the frustrations of the owners and owners losing control of their dog.

What's the name of this dog reality show?  Not that I want to watch it again but I do want to find out what's the point of this show.  Is it to see who has the most obedient dog?  The dogs on the show from what I saw included a bulldog, yorkie, border collie, shih tzu  possibly a lab and more.  I would say the border collie would have more of an advantage based on the trainability of the breed.  More importantly, how are people getting entertainment value from a dog reality show like this?  If people are going to watch this I could probably make my own dog reality show.  "Canada's next top dog trainer".   

Anyway if someone knows the name of the dog reality show, let me know so I can find out more on it.  Thanks.  

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