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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chilling on Canada Day

Canada day went by fast. Nothing eventful happened today. Nothing exciting to report with dogs today. So the min pin and my family were just chilling on Canada Day. It's probably the 2nd time Shy has come over to my parent's house. Only the second time because my family doesn't like dogs! What!?!? I know. How can they not like dogs when I LOVE dogs?

Actually I think they do like dogs, they're just keeping it a secret. My dad walked Shy today and my mom kept asking me questions about the dog. So I think they have some interest. My brother only likes Shy when she's calm and quiet. He would freak if min pins got any bigger.

Shy was good in the house. She mainly chilled on the rugs as you can see from the pics and I let her out in the backyard to run around. Other than that, we were just chilling on this uneventful Canada Day.

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