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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pooper Scooper

Like the pic? I found it on the net . It made me want to talk about dog poop and the pooper scooper. C'mon, everyone has their poop story. I'm not insane, I haven't run out of things to write about. What if I told you there are people that are making good coin as a professional pooper scooper. There is a serious market for the pooper scooper business.

Let's face it. No one really likes to pick up poop. I know I end up picking up the poop most of the time in our household. I've picked up hot poop with my bare hands and I have even stepped in poop that somehow ended up in my shoes!!! If you have a small dog...lucky you 'cause the poop is mostly just bullet size. So you can just pick it up and flush it right down the toilet without having to smell. Big dog owners, I hope you have a pooper scooper. If you own a horse....hope you have a dump truck.

I see poop at the daycare all the time but we don't have a pooper scooper. Why is that? I could have used it in my worst poop experience. I had to clean up was after this Australian Shepherd Collie mix. He had finished his class and was out in the main hallway when SPLAT! "...Holy shit! Did someone spill brown paint on the floor or something," I screamed in my head. Total Dog Diarrhea! It would have been worse if it was on the carpet but luckily it wasn't. But in the main hallway? C'mon, people have to enter in that way. At least the owner said sorry. I brought the mop out and took a first pass at the mushy crap. The mop just spread it around. Crap! Literally! So I had to get down on my knees and scrape up the liquid waste with a plastic bag in my hand. Oh god, it smells bad. I made a dash to the dumpster faster than Ben Johnson could say, "I cheetah all the time." If the dog's poop is hard, I'm all right but when it's the liquid stuff, God help me.

If you truly love dogs, you have to love the poop that comes out of their butts. All living things create waste. Too bad they can't use the toilet like humans do. Oh wait, I think I saw a video where a dog was trained to poop and flush the toilet. Anyway, like I said earlier, there are professional pooper scoopers and pooper scooper businesses out there. If you don't want to deal with the mess, give those guys a call. It's a growing opportunity. Want to cash in on poop?

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