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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jogging with your dog

Many of us get dogs for different reasons. I was asked by my daycare manager, "What are you looking for in your next dog?" I replied, " The next one has to be energetic." "That's the first time I've ever heard of someone wanting an energetic dog, " she said. Call me crazy but for me, having a dog or being around dogs has got my butt off the couch.

How many of us hate jogging, or exercising for that matter? We shutter at the word or thought of it. We cringe at the sight of sweat. Perhaps a dog can motivate you to get exercise. I personally hate jogging but if you add a dog to the mix, you'll have a great jogging partner! Jogging with your dog can be fun but there are some tips and precautions to be aware of.

1. Jogging with your dog should occur after the age of 1 yrs old. Your dog needs to have strong limbs and bones to endure the forces of high level exercise.

2. Before starting a jogging program, have your doggie vet checked for good health.

3. Never feed your dog a meal before running. Just like when we were kids, we never ate dinner before we swam in the pool. Same with dogs, no food before jogging. Dogs with deep chests like boxers can have bloating issues which are life threatening.

4. Start off jogging short distances to build up your doggie's stamina. Check your dog's body language for signs of tiring. Dogs do have limitations so be aware of any signs of pain or discomfort.

5. Don't jog in extremely hot weather. Dogs get heatstroke before you know it. Do bring your own water so they have a chance to hydrate themselves.

Jogging with your dog is a great opportunity to get some exercise and bond with your dog. Again not all dogs are capable of jogging long distances. If your dog is constantly wrecking the house, running in circles, and just insanely high strung, give them some exercise. Go for a jog and let them expel that energy. I guarantee you a happier, healthier, calm dog and owner.

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  1. i'm thinking of adopting a rotweiller-collie mix. and i'm considering it because it sounds like it could be a runner. i run 3 or 4 miles about 5 days each week. i would help the dog gradually lead up to this level, but can dogs run and workout at that level?