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Friday, May 6, 2011

Vomiting and the Animal Hospital

The Animal Hospital is the last place you want to be.  Mom and Dad definitely did not expect me to be there and therefor it has been a long time since the B-Stud posted to my fans.

I stayed at the Animal Hostpital for a day.  Earlier in the week I was vomiting, liquid bile mainly but it did not seem to get better.  The Doc also said I had a fever and they suspected it would be pancreatitis again.  It was the mystery vomiting again.  Out of the blue, I was just vomiting.  No knows why.

After being admitted to the hospital, they probed me like an alien.  They took blood, they shaved a bit of my arm to put an IV in me for fluids and I mainly stayed in isolation.  I saw some other dogs but I wasn't in the mood for talking.  Most of the dogs were just puppies.  One little guy with a cone around his neck asked me.

"Hey mister.  What are you in for?"
"Vomiting, dehydration, and a fever.  Can't you tell.  I'm so skinny." 
"That's nothing.  I got my balls chopped off this morning."
"Yeah, me too, 2 years ago.  They made you wear that stupid cone too huh?"
"Yeah, but it will be ok.  This too shall pass."

I was hoping the nightmare would pass.  The animal hospital during the night isn't exactly the best place to sleep.  One dog just kept barking like it was possessed or saw a ghost.  Why can't I go home.  If I wasn't better by the morning, I would have to stay another day and I know Mom and Dad would freak out.  So I tried my best to get better.

The next morning I was cleared to go home thankfully.  My fever had disappeared, I was holding down my food and my test results were back.  I heard the conversation the doc had with my Dad.

" We got the results in for Brix.  He doesn't have pancreatitis.  I thought for sure it was, but we did a specific test for it this time, and it was way low. So I'm confident it's not pancreatitis.  We'll give him some antibiotics just in case and he can go home today"

When I saw Dad I did my famous kidney bean dance for him.  The vomiting still remains a mystery but now Dad is feeding me smaller meals and more frequently.  It is helping so far but I have lost a lot of weight.  I look like a stray dog but Dad says, it takes time to put the weight back on.  Please pray that I can get back to at least 52 lbs!

On a side note, my boxer buddy Woody was diagnosed with dog meningitis which is serious.  I hope we get to see him back at the campus.  We are praying for you too buddy.  I know how scary it feels.  Praying you buds.


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