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Monday, February 21, 2011

New Car?

This week Dad went to the Canadian Auto Show and left me home again.  Dad said he'd be a "couple" hours.  I didn't know a couple means 6 hours.  Mom was also at work and so I was home alone again.

When Dad came back he showed me pictures of the Toyota Highlander. 

"Brix, if we can afford this, you'd live like a king."
"Why is that Dad?"
"Well check out the trunk.  It has 2 extra seats where you could go.....or we could put your crate right into the back here and you can peep your head out.  Look there's even heater vents here to keep you warm.  It's got so much space!"
"Sounds nice Dad...but we don't need a new car."
"It's just nice to dream....."
"And it's too expensive right Dad?"
"That too....that's why you have to find a job Brix...."

I ain't finding no job.  My job is to be lazy.  I know I'm a working dog and all....but I work hard for my food.  I jump thru hoops, close doors, spin and do tricks.

"Anyways Dad, I don't need a car.  We should walk more...."

But Dad didn't hear me 'cause he went upstairs to look at the rest of the photos. 

*sigh* When is spring coming???


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