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Friday, February 12, 2010

Intruder in our House

Yesterday night Dad and I drove home from my grandparents house.  We had dinner there since Chinese New Years is coming soon.  That's what Dad tells me.  I don't know anything about being Chinese.  Like I said before, I'm an American boxer.  All I know is this is not the year of the DOG.  Sucks, he says it's the year of the TIGER.  I'm kind of like a tiger, my brindle skin looks like a tiger.  I could pass for a tiger right?

Anyway, that isn't the point. The point is, I sensed a little fear in Dad when we pulled up to the front of our house.  As we pulled up to the front of our house, Dad noticed the lights were on inside.  I saw the lights too and stood up in the back of the car to check it out.

"Hmmm...why are the lights on?  Did I forget to turn off the lights this morning when I left?  But the stairway lights are on too." Dad thought to himself.
"Maybe my brother is inside looking for tools?  He has a spare key to the house but he would have called me."  Dad continued to contemplate.

I saw Dad get out of the car.  I remained in the back.  Now all the lights were turned off and the inside of the house was dark.  Dad pressed his head on the front door to check.  He saw nothing and hurried to the back door to try and catch the intruder from escaping from the back of the house.  Soon after he came back.  He checked the doors and they were both locked.

"What the frig.  Am I going crazy?  I could have sworn I saw the living room and stairway lights on.  Now they are off."
"There's someone in the house and I know it.  They're hiding.  I could have also sworn I saw a hand in the window." Dad came back to the car.
"Brix, there's someone in the house.  If you are going to live up to the boxer breed, now's the time and sick 'em."

I got out of the car and immediately sniffed the front walkway.  Dad opened the door.  I darted inside and did a walk around the house.  Dad checked if anything was stolen.  Everything seemed to be in place.  I continued for a second round, sniffing for the intruders.  Someone was in the house all right because the stench said it all.  I stopped at the bottom of the stairs looking up.

"Dad they're up there!" I whispered.
"What's that boy.  Where, up there?"
"Oh, and just to let you know Dad, the intruder is a she."

I started to wag my tail because I knew the smell and I knew who it was.  And then I saw her at the top of the stairs even though it was dark.

"Mom!  What are you doing here?  You surprised us and gave Dad a near heart attack."
"Hi Brix! Momma's home!"
"Why didn't you call?  I thought we had a home invasion."  Dad said.
"I wanted to scare you guys but I decided not to."  Mom replied.

It was a good night.  Mom was back and we all huddled around the TV like we use to.  Dad and Mom sat on their couch and I laid in front of their feet.  I was excited and happy, my tailed wagged all night and then Mom told me something.

"Saturday Brix.  We're going to pet fest but you better be on your best behaviour."

Cool!  I can't wait.  It's going to be a good family weekend!


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  1. You pup is super cute! We lost our boxer at 6 months old :(