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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Horror at the Vet

Hey B-Stud fans,  it has been a long time since I have talked to you!  The past month has been stressful.  Dad and Mom are really pissed at our vet because of what happened and now, Dad really questions the true intentions of Vets.

It all started when I saw the vet and they said I was underweight and my teeth had plaque.  The doc asked Dad to put me on their vet prescribed diet.

"I think Brix should go on the Hills T/D diet.  This brand is only prescribed by vets.  My dogs are on it and they are doing great.  It's a high quality food so the diet should take care of his weight.  Plus it will help take away some of the plaque because of the big pieces."

Dad really thought hard and his inner voice kept saying "NO!"  Dad's logic told him the Vet had experience and they deal with these problems all the time.  They should know what they are talking about.  He bought the food for me.  

At home Dad looked closely at the ingredients.

"Hmmm...what the f@#k!  Wheat, corn product, more wheat, rice.....where's the protein?"
"What's up Dad?"
"This food is garbage Brix!  It has wheat and corn as the first two named ingredients.  And the protein source is a meat by product. "
"But the vet said it was high quality right?"
"Yeah they did.  They should know what they're talking about.  I guess we'll try it out."

And try it out I did.  I liked it actually, it was like eating junk food.  The next day Dad called the vet again.

"Ummm, how many kilocalories is in each cup of the Hills?"
"Hold on sir, I'll find out for you."
" (5 mins later) ...270 kcal. "
"That's kinda low isn't it?  The food I was feeding before was 430 kcal."
"The vet prescribed it and it's a high quality food.  My dogs are on it and they love it."
"But it has wheat and corn in it.  Isn't it hard for dogs to digest and isn't it just filler?"
"No wheat and corn are good for dogs.  If it were for a cat then I'd have a problem with it."
"Is this just a temporary diet for him?"
"No sir, it's for the life of the dog."

And that was their conversation as Dad described it to me.  Even Mom questioned the knowledge and validity of their statements.  I continued on their diet for a month and I loved it!
And then the worst happened.  One morning,  I went outside for my morning pee and poop.

"Brix!  Why do you have diarrhea?  And is that a bit of blood?!?"  Dad's heart raced.
"What?  I have blood in my poo?"  I was shocked and scared.

Dad looked closer since it was dark in the morning.  Dad shrugged it off and hoped it wasn't serious.  He cut my food by 75% that day.  Later on in the day Grandpa Parcon took me out to do my business.

"Uh oh Brixie.  Your poo poo has blood!  Oh my gosh!  Are you ok?" 

I was sick.  Dad fasted me for 24 hours.  My fur coat was dull and dry.  I had dandruff.  Dad tried me on the same food again.  It was better but by the end of the night, I had diarrhea again and there were traces of blood in my stool.  By this time Dad was freaking out and I had lost a lot of weight  

Now Dad is a pretty smart guy, so he tells me.  He knew what was happening, I had a food allergy.  Dad was so upset.  He was upset at the vet, at the vet tech, at Hills as a company, but really he was mad at himself for not listening to his instinct.  He talked to his mentor Ms. Glenny and she said it's really hit and miss with the vets.  Dad also learned Hills go to the vet schools to promote their brand and give contracts to vets starting up their clinic.  Vets also don't have to take mandatory pet nutrition courses.  Of course Dad doesn't know it for sure butI told him to talk to his elementary school friend Amanda who is a vet tech.  Maybe she could confirm some of this.

So here I am, skinner than before.  Sick on valentine's day with no girlfriend either but I'm feeling better now.  Mom put me back on my grainless diet and I've got a lot more energy.  My shiny coat is also coming back.  It will be months before my weight gain becomes visible.  I guess the morale of the story is to listen to your inner voice.  Usually it's always right.  What do you think?


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