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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kicking up Grass After Pooping.

Dad says it's a bad habit.  I say it's just the way I express myself.  Others say it's how dogs spread their scent around.  I don't even know how I learned it.  After pooping in the park one day....I felt like kicking up grass. . and I mean using all four paws to kick the grass up into the air, digging with every stroke.  I wasn't even trying to cover up my stinky mess, I just wanted to see grass blades fly.

It's an instinct hardwired into my brain I think.  I've never seen other dogs do it, I just knew how.  It's the same behaviour as lifting my leg to pee.  I just know how to do it.  What does it all mean?

Dad talked to a couple of his friends about it:

"Does your dog, you know, kick up grass after he poops?"
"Oh every dog does it!"
"I've only seen one other dog do it.  Is it a dominance or territorial thing?"
"Well, they say it's a way they try to spread their scent but I don't know. No one has a real good answer."
"Just this spring he started doing it, and only at the park.  What does it mean?"

Oh well, what ever the reason, I like it, makes me feel good, and I was born to it!

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