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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dog Kayaking?

Yesterday Dad was up to his old tricks.  Him and Uncle Vince both.  They come home making a whole bunch of noise and with boxes in their hands, big boxes.  I took a whiff to see what it could be...plastic.

After a couple of minutes later, I saw two boats in the living room floor, Sevylor Fiji and Stearns Spree.   

"Brix, this summer we are going to enjoy the lakes by kayaking.  Me, you, and mom."
"Count me out Dad.  I get sea sick.  I don't like water remember?."
"At least come sit in our canoe/kayak."

So I got in.  It was okay but I know once the boat starts rocking, I am jumping out and doggie paddling all the way back to shore.  Who knows, I might even vomit in the boat.  Ughhh, this wasn't a good idea by Dad.

I wonder how many other of my canine friends have been on boats or kayaked (is that word?).  I need help to stop Dad.  Pls help me!


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