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Monday, April 6, 2009

Chilling in my new home

Ok guys, so I haven't written in a long time. Don't blame me. We don't have internet in our new home.

The first time Mom brought me to the new house, I didn't know where we were going. I checked out the window but it was dark. Nothing smelled right. Mom opened the door and I walked in, smelling every corner of the house. "Where are we? Where's Shy, and Grandpa and Grandma?" The carpet smelt nice though but I was scared. This must be my 5th time moving to a new place. Going from Meg's house, to the Leungs, to the Parcons, to Sudbury....I'm surprised I'm not screwed up.

The first night we stayed over, I cried and cried. Mom and Dad left me in the kitchen to sleep. I couldn't sleep. I walked up and down the kitchen, whimpering like a baby. My sister Shy would have made fun of me. I think Mom and Dad couldn't sleep either and let me sleep in their room upstairs. Yay!!!! But after that night, they never let me sleep upstairs again.

I think it took about 3 days before I got comfortable. Now I love our house especially where the Bay window is. I can look outside and see all the intruders. I let Dad know everytime. Most of the time I work on my tan 'cause you know, I gotta look good for the ladies. Speaking of ladies, so far I haven't seen anyone worthy to even talk to. So far I've seen a Rotti/ Lab mix. I don't like him, this is my house and ain't nobody gonna show up on my block uninvited. I better mark every pole or sign to let him know. Then there was a little Shiz-Tzu that came running out of her house. "Bo Bo.....come back here!" Screamed their owner. I didn't even give her a glance. Not worth my time. There were other but not even worth mentioning right now.

In the basement Dad made me a play area. He left me there one day when he went to work. Man, I had so much fun! All my toys were there, my water bowl and my 2nd bed. In fact, I had so much fun I destroyed my bed into 1000 pieces. Oh, that was so cool. Then I pushed my crate backwards and found an opening to the rest of the basement. Whoa, so cool! Oh look what's this box doing here? Let's see what's inside. Oh cool! Plastic and paper. I love making little plastic and paper snowflakes. There it looks better when the floor has paper snowflakes. That day I had a little too much water and fun. Good thing Dad laid down some cardboard on the floor. I had to go bad. By the time Dad came home, I was tired. I'm surprised Dad didn't say anything when he saw how much fun I had.

This weekend I think we're going to Sudbury to see Mom. We're going to have so much fun. I love our new place! And just to add, I'm gaining my weight back. I'm starting to become a man but really, I'm a kid clown inside.


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